There is no better way to train than on a real aircraft!

We are a starting company but with decades of aviation experience. That is why we do understand the real needs of our customers. We offer a multi-functional aviation training facility, where almost any scenario can be trained IN and ON our real Boeing 737 aircraft. We believe by using a real aircraft, the training value will increase significantly.

The opportunity to train in a realistic environment builds confidence, prevents stress, and mistakes!


Because our aircraft is completly functional, is it besides flight and cabin crew, also possible for technical personnel, and ground handling personnel to train at our facility. And also due to our descrete location, it gives Customs and Security personnel the perfect opportunity to train.

Commercial Flight

All cabin scenario’s for Cabin Crew and Flight Crew are possible,
Even fire training is possible in our facility

  • Cabin Crew training
  • Initial basic training
  • Recurrent training
  • JCCC (joint cockpit-cabin crew) training
  • Hospitality training
  • Fire training
  • Agression training
  • Air marshall training

Technical and Maintenance training

We offer the possibility for practical support on mandatory aircraft maintenance training like EWIS and fuel tank safety training. There is also the possibility to do an acknowledged exam.

  • EWIS training
  • Fuel safety II training
  • OJT training
  • Awareness training
  • Cleaning training
  • Decoration training

Ground handling

Not only the cabin and cockpit, but also the cargo holds and access hatches are operational for training, this offers the possibility to companies and organizations that work in and around an aircraft, for example ground handling and safety and security inspections.

  • Cleaning training
  • Hospitality training
  • Awareness training
  • Safety training
  • Security training


In addition to our aircraft, we also have beautiful classrooms with beamers and smart boards, suitable for theoretical support, 'online' training, and exams. Also we offer the opportunity for a fire training.
We also offer the possibility to demonstrate your products, or you can hire the location as inspiring environment for meetings or presentations. For this we can also arrange the catering for you.


Our classrooms are temperature controlled, equipped with, beamers, white boards, and demonstration equipment.


Our exam rooms are sound tempered, temperature controlled, and EASA approved.


We can arrange your in-flight catering for the cabin training, but also for your lunch or event.


It's possible to do a scenario-based fire training in a beautiful RFFT cabin from FLAME AVIATION BV.


are you interested in the possibilities? please feel free to contact us,



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