Noordmeerstraat 20, 2131 AD Hoofddorp,The Netherlands

Dutch Aviation Training Center

Our vision

The value of using a real aircraft
at Aircraftmocx

We prepared an original aircraft in our facilities in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, to support the training of your cabincrew. We strongly believe that a real environment adds great value to your trainingprogramme and skills of your students. All trainingdevices and trainingmaterial are original or made of original parts.  This will give you a headstart and the opportunity of a lifelike experience. 

Both Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and several hotels are just minutes away. A visit to beautiful Amsterdam or Haarlem should not be missed while you are here!


Slide training

Your training programme shall cover the aircraft type specific elements such as the evacuation slide training. 

We can offer you a slide trainer that represents the actual height of the Boeing 737 or Airbus 320. From the mock-up you can open the door and slide down! Protective clothing is available.

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Door training

Many programs require training and practice on a representative training device or on the actual aircraft and cover at least the operation and actual opening of each type of normal and emergency doors and exits including flight crew compartment windows. Also the operation of the seat, restraint system and oxygen system equipment relevant to pilot incapacitation must be trained.

We offer all B737 doors: Paxdoors- servicedoors – overwing exit for both ‘Classic’ and ‘NG /MAX’

We offer a reinforced B737 cockpitdoor with access-code.

We offer operational sliding cockpit windows as well as all crew-seats throughout the cabin and cockpit


Fire Training

Training usually shall periodically include a realistic and practical training in the use of all fire-fighting equipment, including protective clothing, by each cabin crew member extinguishing a fire characteristic of an aircraft interior fire.

We are very proud to offer you our well- equipped fire-trainer. It allows you to extinguish an interior fire (seat or overhead bin fire) and a lavatory fire. The instructor can start a fire from the operations- panel.

Smoke training

In our Boeing 737 we created an area were smoke is coming from the overhead bin, from an oven or from the lavatory. 

Observe your crew and see how they act in in different scenario’s. The training takes place in a real aircraft environment. This will definitely add great value to the experience of your crew-members.


First Aid course

The skills required to perform first aid can have a significant influence in times of need. After this course you will be able to act and for example provide CPR or use the AED. Learning how to apply First Aid is very important, especially for flightcrew- members. All relevant equipment and necessary skills will be trained. Refresher courses are offered as well.


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